What is a food bank?

What is a food bank? At first glance the answer seems obvious, a food bank provides food to neighbors in need. But a food bank is more than food. Food is the “how”. So, “what” is a food bank? It’s a place for people to work together. It’s an opportunity to find fellowship with others. a food bank is service, a place where neighbors come together. The food bank teaches our children the value of hard work, and to consider the needs of others. It facilitates Jr. High and High School kid’s engagement through community service. It’s a platform for scout troops to earn merit badges. The food bank connects people and organizations and unites them in a common goal. Schools, scout troops, churches and businesses to name a few, meeting the needs of others. The food bank is a place where neighbors become friends, and friends become family. We provide more than sustenance, we feed the need to connect. The food bank is community.

There’s a deep satisfaction that comes from using your time to be part a solution for the troubles you see in your community.  Each volunteer brings unique gifts and talents. Gardening, building, communication, leading, organizing, or physical strength, there are plenty of ways to be involved. There is always something to do, and the more people who are involved, the more rewarding the experience. Together we use our gifts to improve lives.

The food bank pairs need with abundance. People need food, we provide it. People need community, we are one. People need a purpose, we have one. Yes, the food bank addresses hunger, we work with the needy, but the food bank plays a much bigger role in a community. The food bank connects us to one another, and reminds us that we all matter.

What gifts do you have to share with your community? Have some time? Consider volunteering with us. Donating through our website, (www.orangevalefoodbank.org) just got easier with a new monthly donation option.  If you have a food donation, please drop it by on Wednesdays 4:30-6:30 or Thursdays 9:00-12:30. We appreciate your continued support of Orangevale Food Bank.