Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Castro

Linda has been with the Food Bank since day one. She began her journey by exploring the different facets of the Food Bank, and one day was asked to help with the produce. Today she is known as our produce lady; fully dedicated to what she does with a smile on her face.

FullSizeRenderBeing placed face-to-face with our neighbors truly called upon her heart and her desire to serve those in need. Linda proclaimed, “There is nothing more satisfying than to see the joy and appreciation that the OVFB brings to those in need, and know that I am a part of it. It was then that I knew in my heart that this was the place I was meant to serve.”

This year, Linda was voted our “All About People” Core Value award winner. With these awards we are able to capture the essence of our volunteers, and display their love for this community. Without volunteers such as Linda, we would not be able to greet our neighbors with the love and support that we do now.IMG_1241

Every day we open our doors to serve, the smiling faces of our volunteers are what sets us a part from other organizations.

Linda explains it as, “I love being part of a start-up organization. So far it has been an amazing journey seeing the Food Bank grow in the number of people it serves, and it is rewarding to know that volunteers, like myself, are an essential part of its success to get through the growing pains. Where there is growth, there is opportunity.” We could not have explained it better ourselves.