Bayside Serve Day 2017

Bayside Church is committed to being the church by serving practical needs in our community and sharing God’s love with our neighbors. We were so grateful to have a team from the church spend the day with us on October 7th.

The exterior of our building was in need of a fresh coat of paint. It has been our desire to represent our community well by taking good care of our grounds and property. We want people in our community to be proud of the food bank, rather than it being an ugly spot in the neighborhood. Having the food bank be a welcoming environment also creates a positive atmosphere and helps our neighbors in need feel cared for and supported during a difficult season of their life.

So thanks to over 30 volunteers and paint & supplies donated by Bayside Church, we completed this project in just a few hours. We were also grateful for one of Bayside’s pastors and worship artist, Lincoln Brewster, to stop by and say hi during the project. The impact the church can make when it comes alongside organizations like ours is truly amazing.

Here are some photos from the day: