OVFB Community Mural Complete

After over two months and nearly 140 hours of hard work, we are proud to show off a new 11-foot-wide colorful addition to the outer wall of the Orangevale Food Bank. Thanks primarily to Robin Guillot, a recent graduate from Casa Roble High School, who donated her time and took the lead in creating this wonderful work of art for the community. She credits Casa’s Art Department with Ms. Butler, Mr. Buckley and Ms. Champlin all having a great influence in helping to shape her artistic talents.

“I’ve been doing community service for almost 10 years now, planting trees, cleaning rivers, volunteering at Casa and other schools, but painting the OV Food Bank? That was Mr. Buckley’s fault. Ha. He asked me if I was interested, and away I went. The opportunity was too good to pass up. Hundreds of people drive by the Food Bank everyday and I thought it would be fantastic if they saw some bright artwork up there instead of a blank wall.”

Special thanks for Robin’s mom, Rebecca, who was her sidekick throughout the project and also an artist herself. Much of the paint and supplies were donated by Shaubmayer Painting.

Robin, thank you for taking the time during the summer to make a great contribution to the community. Your work will be enjoyed by many people for years to come.

Enjoy these photos taken of Robin and her mom as they progressed through the painting of this mural.