Needed: Food Drive Coordinator


Looking for another great volunteer

We are blessed with an amazing crew of volunteers at Orangevale Food Bank. We are always looking for more good people who want to help us serve the community. One current need for a new great volunteer is to help coordinate our monthly food drives at local grocery stores.

One weekend each month, we set up at the entrances of 2-3 stores (Walmart, Safeway & Savemart). We pass out flyers listing the 5-7 items the food bank currently is in need of. Shoppers generally purchase a couple extra items and drop the donations with us on the way out.

This Food Drive Coordinator would help to set up in the morning and check in with the volunteers throughout the day, making sure they have everything they need. Ideally, there is typically enough food that it needs to be transferred to the food bank delivery truck and eventually transported to the food bank.

This is a very important role and we’re hoping to find someone who is interested in helping us by serving in this role for 2014. If you’re interested, please contact Brad here.