Louis Pasteur Tigers Drive Up Donations with Food Drive Program Creativity

Louis Pasteur Drives Up Donations with Food Drive Program Creativity

–Contributed by Kaitlyn Berry and Jessica Berry, Orangevale Community Students

Students of Louis Pasteur, a local middle school in Orangevale, are well known in the community for their volunteerism. To kick off the school year and reinforce that commitment, students have been collecting food to support Orangevale Food Bank’s Adopt-a-Month program*, an activity students have supported for the past several years.

This year, the Pasteur Student Body implemented creative ways to incentivize participation and drive up donations. To get more students involved in their program, a point system was put in place for competition between the grade levels with special incentives to also involve faculty.

The student body is almost fully in control of the food drive program, with help from Advisor Brendalyn Burke. The students advertise the program through posters, flyers, and keep students informed of point totals via a campus bulletin board. The student body classroom is covered with posters and cans for the food drive, all accounted for by the student body.

And ultimately, all the creativity with the new program paid off! The students of Pasteur rallied to support the Orangevale Food Bank with 1,400 food items collected! The top 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes that collected the most cans of their respective grade took home the honors of a free dress day.

Special thanks to Eliza, one of the student body members, and Mrs. Burke for sharing details about Pasteur’s food drive. And a huge thank you to Pasteur for contributing so much to the Orangevale Food Bank – not only through the Adopt-a-Month program, but also through the incredible support we also get with some many individual students volunteering at the food bank and our grocery store drives. We’re so inspired to see so much support from the awesome future leaders of our community!

*We’re always looking for new sponsors for the Adopt-a-Month program. Please email or call us for more information.

Pasteur Food Drive Collection