Green Oaks Sets Record for School Food Drive Collection

Written by Daphne Huegel, Student

Green Oaks Food Drive Record Graphic

Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary has many great qualities, including academic excellence, fun activities, and a great desire to help others in our community. Recently, Green Oaks hosted its annual food drive for the Orangevale Food Bank. As part of the Adopt-a-Month food drive program, Green Oaks families were asked to bring in one bag of non-perishable food. The Orangevale Food Bank parked their truck in front of the school, while Student Council collected all the bags.

“It feels so great to know our Green Oaks families are helping all these people. When I think about how many people are starving, it makes me feel good to know how many amazing organizations like this are doing this just to help stop hunger,” said Green Oaks Principal, Rob Reynolds.

It is incredible how much food was brought this year! While food donations have increased every year, this year, Green Oaks set the record for collecting the most amount of food of any school – ever! Green Oaks students collected over 2,000 pounds of food! Can you believe that?

As impressive as the food drive results were, what’s also impressive is how active Green Oaks families are at the Food Bank on a regular basis. For example, Isabella Monterosso and her grandmother volunteer at the food bank. Isabella said, “It feels good inside to know that somewhere in the world, someone is not hungry because of amazing organizations like this.”

The students of Green Oaks are proud to live in a community where people help others in need.

Want to help? The Orangevale Food Bank is always looking for new sponsors for the Adopt-a-Month program. Please email or call for more information.