Green Oaks Does it Again!

IMG_1496The students of Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary focus on giving back to our community. How? Over the past 5 years, this elementary school has participated in an Adopt-A-Month program with the Orangevale Food Bank, and has continued to bring in more canned and perishable foods than any other Elementary school in our area.

IMG_1637Noah and Jake Wright, two of Green Oaks’ students, spend their Wednesday nights volunteering their time at the Orangevale Food Bank. They believe that by helping the community by distributing food to the people who need it is the best way to give back. Noah explains, “it helps the population of people in need, and by having Green Oaks give back with this food drive.”IMG_1641

The idea of having enough food to live off of is something these two young men deem important within their community. Noah, again explains, “When you give back to the food bank, they will then give food to hungry people. I know how much comes in and goes out every week, so I know how important it is to get our school to donate more.” Being able to have a part in their school’s food drive was not only important to them, but it is pertinent to the operations of the Orangevale Food Bank.

Although Noah and Jake volunteer every week with their family, Jake exclaims, “Just because I volunteer doesn’t mean there still isn’t hungry people in our community. I want to help those in need by donating food at our food drive, and volunteering, which will help them feel healthy, happy, and have enough food to live. They don’t need to struggle, so now they have the food they need, thanks to the Orangevale Food Bank.”IMG_1625

This year, Green Oaks was able to gather 3,764 pounds of food, which is yet another record for this elementary school. “Last year we did the highest ever reported for a food drive, but this year, we topped that by over 1,000 pounds of food!” shared Noah.IMG_1627

Without the continuous help from local schools such as Green Oaks, the Orangevale Food Bank would not be able to distribute food to those in our community. We are blessed to have the relationships we do with our local schools. Thank you, Green Oaks!