Food Distribution Changes – 2 times per month

Starting May 1st, 2021, we are changing our eligibility for clients to receive groceries to 2 times per month, on non-consecutive weeks. This means that you will be able to come every other week for groceries, but no more than 2 times during a calendar month.

We are so grateful that during this Covid-19 crisis that started a year ago, our community rallied around us and made it possible to offer grocery pick-up every week for clients. We know that this year has been a struggle for many people, with job loss and reduces wages due to the pandemic.

As we are moving forward in 2021, the job market is coming back around as more businesses are able to re-open and people are returning to work, making resources more available. We have seen our numbers here at the foodbank start to decline due to this change in the economy, which tells us it’s time to start getting back to our mission.

Our hope is to help give clients a hand up in hard times by taking away food insecurities as you are getting back on your feet.