El Camino Fundamental High School Gives Back

Each month, the Orangevale Food Bank has a school within our communityIMG_1055 host a food drive. As a way to bring comfort to our neighbors within the community, these schools make it their challenge to see how much food they can collect and donate within a month’s time. This is also a way to highlight the kids in our community by showing that “Kids Can!” collect food, and help make a positive change to their community.

Although El Camino High School is not within the city of Orangevale, Carli, a Senior and Community Service Lead at El Camino High School divulged, “When I became the service lead, I told everyone we were donating to the Orangevale Food Bank just like last year. It doesn’t even matter that we are from different areas. I just really like what you guys do for the people in the community!”

IMG_1060Carli shared how her school was able to rally together to collect 2,565 pounds of food for the Orangevale Food Bank, and how they were able to do just that by proclaiming:

“El Camino Fundamental High School has been involved in the Canned Food Drive for many years and we have had the privilege of donating to Orangevale the last two years.  Each week our student government class goes out and collects the cans from the classrooms. The class with the most cans, the winning class collects about 100 cans, that week receives a prize like root beer floats, pizza, or free admission to the Haunted House. Our Haunted House is right in the middle of our Canned Food Drive so the admission we asked for is a donation of 3 cans or $3 because the money we earn is used to buy more cans! In addition to the car loads of cans, we collected $120 where we turned the proceeds into a couple hundred more cans. This had given our students an opportunity to give back, even just a little, and serve our community for those in need.”


Without these kinds of stories, the Orangevale Food Bank would not be able to rally our community together to make it known that hunger is a serious issue, and we can make a difference. Every little bit counts. Thank you El Camino for reaching out to us again this year for your Canned Food Drive. We appreciate your support and all of your donations.