Dovewood Court Brings Food in For Our Neighbors

IMG_8363A holiday tradition we all partake in is driving around searching for the most decorative front yards covered in Christmas lights. In Orangevale, we are fortunate enough to have Dovewood Court. This fully dedicated court gives life to an ongoing holiday destination for friends and families coming together to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Not only does this court sacrifice the silence and peace that is found within the nights approaching Christmas, but they also dedicate themselves to collecting canned food for our neighbors through Food For Families. This year, the Orangevale Food Bank was blessed
with 12,000 pounds of the donations Dovewood Court received this holiday season.


We would like to give a special thank you to the Transtrum family for once again hosting this event throughout the holidays. This court is an iconic part of many people’s holiday season, and we thank you for continuing the tradition as well as taking the time to donate your earnings to the Orangevale Food Bank.