Community Partner Spotlight – Walmart

Community Partner Spotlight: Walmart IMG_6869

Many people recognize Walmart as a low price leader, “saving people money so they can live better.” However, what people may not be aware of is that significant piece of Walmart’s value proposition is their commitment to community, leveraging their size and scale to contribute financially and through volunteerism. In 2012 alone, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave more than $1 billion in cash and in-kind contributions around the world, and employees of Walmart and its companies volunteered 2.2 million hours, generating $18 million to U.S. nonprofits.  One of those benefiting nonprofits is the Orangevale Food Bank. At the Orangevale Food Bank, the idea of “living better” resonates with us and is integral to our mission. We’re incredibly fortunate to have so many partners and donors in our community to stock our pantry shelves, but having access to fresh produce from partners like Walmart allows us to provide our neighbors with balanced, healthy ingredients for meals. Walmart is kind enough to donate three large trucks full of produce to the Orangevale Food Bank weekly – somewhere between 500-1,000 pounds per week! And produce is just one of the many ways that Walmart, a Feeding America partner, supports the Food Bank. Between donating a variety of food (produce, meat, baked goods, non-persishables and more), generous grants, their active team of employee volunteers, and providing donations for special events (including hams for the OVFB Volunteer Luau!), Walmart continually finds ways to support not only the Food Bank, but more importantly, the community that it serves. Walmart Zone Merchandising Manager, Becky Burns, is proud of Orangevale Walmart’s team of volunteers and the contributions they’ve made to the Food Bank and noted one of her favorite quotes, “Volunteers are not paid — not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless!” (quote origin unknown). For more information on Walmart’s community giving, visit walmart logo