Community Partner Spotlight: Orangevale Open K-8 School

Community Partner Spotlight: Orangevale Open K-8 School


The kids at Orangevale Open embody their school’s mission: learning by doing. And they do some pretty amazing things, including continuing their support of an important program at the Orangevale Food Bank: Adopt-a-Month*. With the Adopt-a-Month program, local organizations – often schools, churches or businesses – commit to holding a food drive for the month to collect non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. With a significant portion of donations coming from these drives along with store drives, the support received from the community under this program is critical to sustaining our food supply.

This past spring, Orangevale Open (OVO), a third-year sponsor, provided generous donations. OVO parent volunteer, Teresa Simin, organizes her school’s participation. She got involved through her OVO’s parent/teacher/student organization and appreciated the organized program left in place by parent volunteer, Karen Stinson, who started the school’s participation in 2012. However, it wasn’t just executing the mechanics of collecting the food that impacted her; it was the student response. Simin noted that students wanted to become personally involved vs. just collect food. The younger grades, in particular, were so eager to help take the food to the office as they recognized they were doing something special and important – providing food to those in need. Next year, Simin wants to find ways to get the kids more personally involved.

Simin also acknowledged not only the commitment of the students in supporting the drive, but also the amazing volunteers of the Orangevale Food Bank that manage it. Personally recognizing Adopt-a-Month program coordinator, Debbie Costello, and Food Drive Coordinator, Brandi Sands, Simin was overwhelmed by their “wonderful, warm, welcoming support.” And it was through that new relationship that Simin was also able to connect a family in need from the school that benefitted from a quick response from the OVFB.

At the Orangevale Food Bank, we are so grateful for the support of our local community, both our partners and volunteers.

*We’re always looking for new sponsors for the Adopt-a-Month program. We are in most need during our summer months. Please email or call us for more information.